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Saying thanks to all the direct and indirect contributors to the site wouldn't be complete without mentioning the path from conception to launch of this project to bring together information and material related to artists of the Indian Sub-continent in one place for the viewing, discussion, research and enjoyment of artist lovers all over the world.

As expected, the biggest thanks and the origin of the idea for this project goes to the hundreds of artists who have left an imprint on our culture landscape in our glorious past. They created numerous works of art as an expression of their innate talent which are part of our heritage. The body of work of some of these artists is big while there are many who's work is relatively small, yet is one to be cherished. As time has progressed the work of some of these is not as remembered as much as it deserves to and some others are names known only to the senior generation. I had been feeling the need for a project to showcase the talent of these stalwarts so that it can be savoured by all. This has been boiling within me for probably many years by now and was just a spark waiting to be lighted. The biggest thanks for everything on this site goes to our artists only. They are the creators of everything which shall appear here and we owe our eternal gratitude to them for the immense contribution to our social landscape.

Last November, I bounced the idea off my friend Venkat (simplefable) who encouraged me to pursue it wholeheartedly. At that point of time I contacted Pradeep Prabhu in connection with that. He not only gave me advice but also very kindly volunteered  to provide webspace and domain name for the website.
This gem of a person did this within days and it is thanks to his zeal which made this project. You're one in a million and its a pleasure knowing you. The faith you had in the idea is what provided the foundation for the project for which we are extremely thankful.

Initially, I contacted friends Chetan and Bhavita to discuss the idea. Both of your enthusiasm provided the much needed initial impetus to get the work started. Chetan shared his Gujrati Geet Kosh and quite of a few CDs of his with me. Thanks Chetan for all the advice and the material. We should all see parts of that making its way here at the right time. Bhavita helped me a lot from time to time in various ways. I took her help for a couple of introductory writeups for the site and more importantly, She has helped me keep focus from time to time when the going got tough. Thanks Bhavita  for all that you have been doing. Hope to have much more help in the coming days as we introduce more content.

Lots of help was needed for initial setting up of the youtube channel and some research on artists. Radhika Desai ji helped in making lots of playlists for the youtube channel surfing for hours on end on youtube adding videos to the lists piece by piece. You, very enthusiastically did not just that but made  various lists from time to time, always responding  to all requests very eagerly and delivering them at a fast pace. We could use more of your kind here.

Harmandir Singh 'Hamraaz''s Hindi Film Geet Kosh and Film Index have been very useful to me during my research activities on films. I am extremely thankful to him and all those who have helped him get it ready. Raghuvanshi ji's Gujrati Geet Kosh is the other work which I have referred in context of Gujrati films. Your work is of infinite importance and a must for any serious researcher. Music and Film lovers shall always be greatful for the great service rendered by you. You are one of a kind.

Prof Surjit Singh ji's site has been a valuable source for discussion and entertainment for many of us. When I contacted him in context of that He not only welcomed it but also permitted me to directly link to material on his site since it would help in saving resources. Thanks from the bottom of my heart for his work and leading by example. I also salute the sharing spirit of all contributors to his site including Late Shri Hem Chandra Jain, Satish Kalra ji, Narsingh Agnish ji, M.L. Kapur ji, Vijay Kapur ji, G.L. Vishwakarma ji, Abhay Jain ji, Ahmed ji and many others who have shared from their hearts. May your tribe increase. Many of the songs discussed here shall be linked from there. This kind help is greatfully thanked. Thanks Prof ji.

Any good artist website should remember its artists. Their Anniversaries provide good opportunities to remember their efforts from time to time. A need was felt for a calendar to feature for the same. The present calendar owes its  source to the RMIM Calendar provided by Pavan Jha ji which has been made by efforts of many music lovers. This work of yours has added "chaar chaand" to the site. Thanks a lot to Pavan ji and all contributors for this extremely valuable contribution.

I have had lots of useful interactions with Dr Mahesh Sagar ji in the past for which I am greatful. Similar, is the case for Shishir Krishna Sharma ji who has encouraged me a lot, shared lots of material  and anecdotes with me. A million thanks are not enough to thank you for all your encouragement, inputs, humility and sharing spirit. May God bless you.

Other persons whom I'd like to thank for numerous inputs and kindness shown to me include Parag Sankla, Romesh ji, Dharmvir ji, Aditya Pant, Faraaj,  Swarapriya, Inaam Nadeem,Mahesh Sharma ji, Haimanti ji, simplefable (venkat), Dibyendu Dey, Pawan Jha, Shashank Chikermane, HumTum, Nimii, BTM,  Robin Bhat, Qamaal Mustafa Sikander and Naresh Khattar. Thanks to Waheed Dehwar, Bobby Mudgel, Exon, Erum ji, Saksham, Sujayita, Abhay,Sita ji, taiyab, Sanjay, Mohd bhai, Faizel, Sujoy Chatterjee, Debbrata, Swarnalata, Naina  and many other friends as well. Some others have promised to help in the future. I hope you'll join in soon too.

The number of other people who have offered comments and suggestions to me over the years is so great that It is quite out of my power to acknowledge them individually. I hope that seeing their ideas adopted will be thanks enough. They include artist lovers on various clubs, forums and groups including Hamaraforums, RMIM and other online and Offline groups including on Orkut (SKS, Saat Sur, Yahoo Vividh Bharti Group and GRHD among others).  A great thanks to teams of various radio stations, posters to various blogs, sites like Wikipedia and hundreds of generous Youtube members as well who have brought many artists closer to us.

Thanks are due to creators of various technologies which helped this platform come up as well.
I also wish to thank my local Bangalore RMIM friends Kalyan, Dr Chiranjeevi Singh ji, Arunabh, Anup Pandey and Chetan among others for a few very enjoyable evenings spent together.

Finally, I'd like to thank certain individuals (whom I won't identify to protect their identities), who have attempted to make counter-productive efforts, promised but not delivered, occasionally mislead and attempted to cause demotivation. A thousand thanks to them for adding fuel to the passion. I'd also like to tell you that no matter how much you hoard songs, films, material and information related to various artists,You shall never be their creator. They still belong only to the artists who created them - no matter what you do.
P.S. In case, I have forgotten to mention anybody, Please blame it on my often failing memory. I'll be glad to update this page as more and more contributors join in.

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