D.C. Dutt and Hema Hardikar

Written by Arunkumar Deshmukh

By Arun Kumar Deshmukh

Do you know the world famous singer HEMA HARDIKAR ?

No ?  Surprising !
O.K.  I will give you some clues. Try again.
a) Her sisters and brother are also famous singers  and 
b) She lives on Peddar Road,Mumbai.
What,still not sure ? OK, here are final clues now..
a) She got " Bharat Ratna " Award
b) She started her Playback singing  from the 1947 film " Aapki Sewa mein "   and 
c) She became famous with Mahal-1949 song, 'Aayega aanewala'
What,you are confused ? All clues suspiciously lead to Lata Mangeshkar ?
Yes, Hema Hardikar IS Lata Mangeshkar.
But how ?
The original surname of Mangeshkars is Hardikar and Master Dinanath used to call her by her pet name Hema,though her actual name was Hridaya,which was never used !
I would not have known all this,but for an Internet site.
The famous and very useful Internet site www.jointscene.com always and only uses Hema hardikar instead of Lata Mangeshkar on its site.(Now it seems this site is banned by Government,
though Tata,Reliance and othethan the Govt. BB connections can still reach it,I believe.It also may be available to overseas readers).
Initially I was also confused but after reading from various sources Lata's family history,I got the information.
Lata's entry into film world was not an easy one.
There were many established female singers already in the field and no composers had any problems with them.In this situation,to get into film singing was certainly a Herculean task,and that too without a God Father.
.Established composers did not want to take any chance and the new composers worked as per the producer's wishes.
In  these circumstances one person volunteered to help Lata and gave her opportunity to sing in his Marathi films-Datta Davjekar.
 Later another Datta-Datta Korgaonkar gave her singing opportunity in his film Badi Maa-1945.(Incidentally,Badi Maa was the only film in the History in whch all 3 legends, Noorjahan, lata and  Asha acted and sang).
 Finally it was again Datta Dawjekar who gave Lata her first Playback song in AAP KI SEWA MEIN.
This much History every Lata fan knows....But what is NOT known is that there was one more Dutta who had shown confidence in Lata's singing and gave her a chance to sing in his film
SONA CHANDI-1946,much before her First playback  when she was struggling.
The name of this third Dutta was composer D.C.DUTTA.
Lata became a big name but what about the 3 Dutta s who helped her initially ?
Datta Davjekar got very few Hindi films.Datta Korgaonkar,after Noorjahan left India became almost helpless and....no one even remembers composer D.C.DUTTA.
Actually,for Sona chandi-46,the composer was Tufail Faruqi,but Dutta had 2 songs in it-one of Lata and the other of Saroj Borkar. In fact Sona chandi was Dutta's debut film and he started with Lata's song.
His second film was Saray ke bahar-47 in which he had composed a Ghalib's Gazal 'phir mujhe deedaye tar..' In Anjna-48 there were good duets of Geeta and Shankar Dasgupta.After a lacklustre Dil ki aawaz-48 he did Aahuti in 1950.Somehow luck was eluding Dutta. He became one of the 6 MDs for Ram Darshan-50. Although he gave 2 very melodious songs to Mukesh,still no luck !
He got Simba-51 and Ranee-52.Disappointed he disappeared from films and reappeared with Saahil in 1959.When this also failed he simply vanished in thin air and no info is available on him after that.
Surprisingly,though D.C.DUTTA had shown confidence in Lata in her hard days,later on Dutta never used Lata even for one song  in any of his films. Many known singers were used by him,like Amirbai karnataki,Shamshad begum,Mukesh,Geeta,Shankar Dasgupta,Bhanumati(south),Manik Verma,S D Batish,Uma Devi  and even Asha Bhosle,but no Lata !
Anyway,whether D.C.DUTTA succeded or not his name will be forever there as one composer who helped Lata during her early struggle !
Here is the historic Lata song from her pre playback days......

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