Adi Narayan Rao

Written by Ramaswamy

Adi Narayan Rao --------------------Kuhu Kuhu Bole Koyaliya

 By Ramaswamy

Source: Yogesh Yadav's book titled `Film Sangeetkar Suvarna Yugwale' 

Year of Birth: 1915

Death: 25-01-1991                                                    


 Adi Narayan Rao

Adi Narayan Rao, despite being a music director from South India (Tamil MD to be more specific) had done amazing work. He composed songs based in Hindustani classical music which had mixed raags. 

Adi Narayan Rao's first film came in 1946. When he earned a name in Tamil film industry he started a production company called `Anjali Pictures' for which he himself gave music. The film's heroine was Anjali Devi, a famous cine-star in Tamil and his wife too. Film Suvarna Sundari was 
an average one but one song from the film `Kuhu Kuhu Bhole Koyaliya'

This particular song was made up of Sohni, Bahar, Jaunpuri and Yaman raags. 
Rafi and Lata had sung it in the film. (The same movie had been made in Telugu also for which Ghantasala and P Susheela had sung the song with similar tune).


Adi Narayan Rao gave music for 6 Hindi films in all. There was another notable film for which he scored music namely `Phoolon Ki Sej'. The Manna Dey-Lata Mangeshkar duet from the film, Aa Bhi Ja Rasiya even though popular among listeners, never touched the heights of `Kuhu Kuhu Bole Koyaliya'. Interestingly this song  was also a raagmala with a blend of raags Adana, Mishra Kafi and Malkauns! The song should be seen for Vaijayanthimala's dance (probably under choreography of Gopikrishna who also danced with her) as well.


There was a Marathi film `Mahabhakt Tukaram' for which he composed music and it starred Anjali Devi.

There were four more films in the 70s for which he composed music but their music is not worth mentioning.


Hindi Filmography (Request for more Details)

1. Suvarna Sundari (1958) (also Producer)

2. Phoolon Ki Sej (1964) (also Producer)

3. Gunfighter Johnny (1972)

4. Sati Anusuya (1974) (with M Ranga Rao as co-compoer)

5. Inquilab Zindabad (1975)

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