Record Collector Suman Chaurasiya in Interview

Written by Gajendra Khanna

Record Collector Suman Chaurasiya in Interview

-       Gajendra Khanna

The previous time when I visited Suman ji’s museum he was away in Mumbai. I have already shared my experiences of that visit. When I visited Indore again some time back, I contacted him again. By fortune, He was in Indore and I went to meet him. On reaching his family directed me to the library upstairs.

Suman ji with Gajendra during the interview

I found him there in discussion with Shri Vijay Gawde and Ms Lily Dawar. Gawde ji is the president of the museum and a well known music lover of Indore. He has made valuable contributions to the work being done in the museum as well as to various music related programmes. Lily ji is a singer and Indoris know her from the programmes done under the aegis of Sanjay Spandan. The group has done lots of programmes in various auditoriums and educational institutions. She has special interest in Kabir Vani and has not only given programmes on it but has also done an M.Phil. linking it with education! We had a good discussion on old songs and singers of yesteryear including Lata and Geeta Dutt. Lily ji is planning a programme on Geeta Dutt’s songs.

 Sumanji in the Museum (Image Courtesy: Varun Grover)

After that they both took leave and I started interviewing Suman ji.

Gajendra: Suman ji, Namaskar. Its great to meet you finally!

Suman ji: Yes, It’s a pleasure to welcome you to the museum.

Gajendra: You have made a lovely museum. When did you buy your first record. Do tell us about this passion of yours.

Suman ji: Thanks. I probably bought my first record around 1969 and slowly my passion kept increasing. During the last over thirty years, I have gone to various cities and towns of the country to collect film as well as non-film records. Due to internal inspiration and passion I have been able to put together this huge gramophone record museum.

Suman ji gifting their records to composer Ninu Majumdar and his singer wife Kaumudi Munshi

Gajendra: Which major places have you visited to get records?

Suman ji: Other than Indore and Mumbai, I have gone to places like Kolkata, Delhi, Allahabad, Lucknow, Chandigarh, Jamnagar, Rajkot and Valsad to buy records. After a lot of hard work I have been able to collect more than 28000 records in this museum.

Gajendra: How did you bring such fragile records from such long distances?

Suman ji: Yes, 78 rpm records in particular are quite fragile in nature. I normally wrap them in towels and tie it with a thread tightly so that they do not move during travelling. I try to buy records only in good conditions. I buy a record in poor condition only if it is particularly rare. It is important that the records be kept away from dust and we clean these records with kerosene oil. It is recommended to keep them in standing position so that they don’t get spoilt. As far as possible we try to keep them as per these guidelines to keep them in good condition. It is not always possible to do these in such a big museum due to paucity of time but then maintenance of such a museum is a constant endeavour.

Suman ji with Singer Rajkumari Dubey and Family

Gajendra: I have seen many people having records but museums of this kind are rare. How did you get the idea for starting this museum?

Suman ji: The question that what will happen to this huge collection after me used to run in my mind continuously. It should not go waste. In addition, this collection in my view is a national heritage. Each person and child who has interest in poetry, music and our country’s cultural heritage has a relation with this heritage. Those lyricists, composers and singers have filled the nation’s mind with great happiness. This history’s valuable heritage and their memory needs to be preserved and made accessible. With these thoughts with the support of my friends, supporters, well wishers and senior artists of the film music fraternity, I have given thousands of melodies a permanent place the form of this museum.

Gajendra: That’s wonderful. There could not have been a better use and future of such a collection!

Suman ji: Thanks. I should tell you that such a public museum is the first effort of its kind. I made this museum in Indore because it is my and my ancestor’s place. In this my endless and unsaid love for the people of Indore is also a part. “I give you what is yours, nothing is mine” was the guiding spirit behind my efforts to make this erstwhile private collection accessible to all music lovers. With this institution, I have tried to answer the question of what shall happen to the collection after me.

Suman ji with Singer Meena Kapoor

Gajendra: Your thoughts are very noble. How did the museum get named as Lata Dina Nath Mangeshkar Gramophone Record Museum?

Suman ji: It is a well known fact that I have been a great admirer of the songs of Lata Mangeshkar and in fact, this collection happened due to my passion for her unique and incomparable songs. Also Didi was herself born in Indore. Hence, there could be no better way of saying thanks to her. I have been fond of her father’s work as well. In view of all this, I am glad to have given this name to the museum.

Gajendra: What are the aims of this facility?

Suman ji: This facility has the following aims:-

  1. Music lovers should be able to sit in the library hall and listen to their favourite songs.
  2. Researchers in film music should be able to access the huge reference material and complete their research.
  3. Efforts are being made that information related to music and cine personalities should be made available by publishing books. The books Baba Teri Son Chiraiya, Sadiyon Mein Ek Asha, Lata Aur Safar Ke Sathi, Beete Kal Ke Sitaare and Song Database of the film of the 1980s are steps in this direction.
  4. From time to time, selected records should be played and discussions on their poetry, music and other fine points should be done.
  5. A proposal to make regular members in the future is also under consideration.

Suman ji with composer Sudhir Phadke, singer Lalita Phadke (Deulkar) and others

Gajendra: How can music lovers help this endeavour financially?

Suman ji: Yes, interested people can help the museum financially. I have given my everything in the process of the formation of this museum. However, now due to old age and lack of money, It is becoming difficult to maintain the museum, Hence I wish to request provide help to save our heritage for the future generations. Contributions can be deposited into the museum’s account in Rau, Indore’s Bank of India account number 881110110001553 according to their wishes and capabilities. For those interesting in transferring contributions online using NEFT, the branch’s IFSC code is BKID0008811.

Suman ji taking autograph of composer-singer Hemant Kumar

Gajendra: You are going to publish the book “Lata Samagra” also shortly. There have been books published on her songs earlier. What shall be the speciality of this book?

Suman ji: The speciality of this book is that it shall have details of almost all her songs sung by her since 1942. Details of her songs sung in 26 languages including Sindhi, Hindi, Marathi, Gujrati, Chhattisgarhi, Bhojpuri, Sanskrit, Magadhi, Swahili, Indonesian, Bengali, Punjabi, Maithili, Dogri, Garhwali, Odiya, Telugu, Nepali and Kannada. One more special thing about the book is that unreleased and non-film songs sung by her have also been included in this book. Nearly fifty songs which were recorded and given project numbers but were never released are a part of this book. Stalwarts like Shri Khaiyyam and Kishore Desai have helped me in collecting this information. The book shall be released on September 26 at Bhartiya Vidya Bhawan, Girgaon Chaupati, Mumbai at 6 pm and all music lovers are invited to the same. Its cover can be seen below:-

Lata Samagra

Gajendra: Oh, It shall really be a complete book then!

Suman ji: Yes. My only regret is that Lata ji who was born in Malwa, has not got a Malwi song to sing by any of the composers. Composers should think about filling this void. I am hopeful that if someone makes the effort, Didi will definitely agree to it.

Gajendra: Suman ji, Among Lata ji’s songs which are the songs which you had the most difficulty in getting?

Suman ji: I had to make the most effort for getting the records of movie Bihari (1948) composed by Ramkrishna Shinde. Finding these records gave me immense satisfaction. I also provided the songs to the family of Shinde (who later gave music as Hemant Kedar) as well as they did not have the songs with them. Lata ji’s song Sabz-e-ki Durfishani which is on both sides of the record is a very sweet song from that movie.

Gajendra: Have you met Lata ji?

Suman ji: Oh yes, many times. I had first met her in 1985. I told her how much I loved her songs and discussed her songs with her. On that occasion, She had asked me for some of her songs which I had put in cassettes and given her later.

Gajendra: The road of the museum is also named after her. Does the administration provide you any help?

Suman ji: No, the road’s name has been kept by our village panchayat. The administration doesn’t provide any support. The museum is running with my efforts and support of music lovers.

Suman ji with composer O P Nayyar

Gajendra: Who are your personal favourites other than Lata and Asha?

Suman ji: Artists of yesteryear were all great but a few are more close to my heart. Among the male singers, Mohd Rafi, G M Durrani and S D Batish are my favourites. Among the ladies, I also adore Rajkumari, Zeenat Begum and Geeta Dutt a lot too. I have even met Rajkumari ji 2-3 times.

Gajendra: Oh, is it? Do tell us about the experience.

Suman ji: She has sung some really lovely songs. Her song in movie Hyderabad ki Nazneen is one of my favourites. She met me with a lot of affection. Her daughter-in-law belonged to a part of MP itself (which is now in Chhattisgarh) and I was treated like one of the family there. She told me about singing for Lallubhai Nayak and her experience singing for movie Mahal. Her last days were left in penury and she was forced to work in Naushad’s chorus. Film director Kidar Sharma had helped her a lot.

Singer Sulochana Chavan (Kadam) at a Function Organised by Suman ji 

Gajendra: Which other personalities have you met?

Suman ji: I have had the fortune of meeting many personalities related to the film world. In addition to the Mangeshkar family and Rajkumary, I have met Lallu Bhai Nayak, Keshak Trivedi, Ajeet Merchant, Dilip Dholakia, Kaumudi Munshi, Neenu Majumdar, Jayraj, Shyama, Mubarak Begum, Shamshad Begum, O P Nayyar, Krishna Kalle, Bhagwan Dada, Mahipal, Snehal Bhatkar, Kishore Desai, Sudhir Phadke, Lalita Deulkar (Phadke), Sulochana Kadam (Chavan), S D Reuben, Dev Anand, Naqsh Lyallpuri, Yogesh, Nida Fazli, Nimmi, Anil Biswas, Meena Kapoor, Chitragupt, Anand-Milind, Narendra Sharma, Madhubala Zaveri and Sudha Malhotra among others. I can never forget the moments spent with them.

Gajendra: Ok, one last question. Other than Lata ji, songs of how many other singers are available with the museum?

Suman ji: The list of singers is quite long but I shall share a reperesentative list with you for the sake of the young generation so that they can discover some forgotten names.

Gajendra: Thanks for talking to Anmol Fankaar.

Here is the list of artists shared by Suman ji:-

  1. Abdul Aziz Khan
  2. Anita Mazumdar
  3. Ameerbai Karnataki
  4. Allauddin Khan
  5. Ustad Amir Khan
  6. Ustad Amjad Ali Khan
  7. Abdul Kader Chaus
  8. Alladiya
  9. Ambar Kumar
  10. Abhay Ram Bhagat
  11. Anupam Ghatak
  12. Akhtari Bai (Begum Akhtar)
  13. Anjani Bai Lolekar
  14. Ajam Bai Kolhapuri
  15. Amir Jaan Panipat
  16. Miss Angoorbala
  17. Anees Khatoon
  18. Abdul Khan Qawwal
  19. Aghafez
  20. Arti Sanyal
  21. Ahkadi Begum Chopra
  22. Abdul Rehman Kaanchwala
  23. Ustad Ali Akbar Khan
  24. Anathnath Base
  25. Akbar Khan
  26. Anwari Jaan
  27. Ajgari Jaan
  28. Azeez Prem Rani
  29. Aziz Naja
  30. Asita Bose
  31. Miss Achchan
  32. Anima Dasgupta
  33. Asha Bhosle
  34. Abharani Verma
  35. Anwar
  36. Anoop Jalota
  37. Ahmed Hussain
  38. Mohammad Hussain
  39. A R Kabeer
  40. Arvind Parik
  41. Ashhish Khan
  42. Ustad Alla Rakha
  43. Anand Shankar
  44. Ustad Ali Ahmed Hussain
  45. Dr Anita Sen
  46. Ustad Ahmed Jan Thirakwa
  47. Anjali Banerjee
  48. A Hariharan
  49. Abdul Haleem Jakarkhan
  50. Asharfi Khan
  51. Anuradha Paudhwal
  52. Bharti Bose
  53. Bina Chaudhary
  54. Bani Sarkar
  55. B S Nanji
  56. Binota Chakravarthy
  57. Miss Tadran
  58. Nisha Begum
  59. B N Bali
  60. Prof Bhimsen Chatterjee
  61. Pt Balmukund Bhaskar
  62. Bade Ghulam Ali Khan
  63. Badri Prasad
  64. Banerjee Bai Jaipur
  65. Miss Bau Jodhpur
  66. Balwant Bansal
  67. Basheer Qawwal
  68. Bibbo
  69. B B Basu
  70. Bal Gandharv
  71. Bachcha Sultan Qawwal
  72. Master Basant Raj
  73. Pt Bhimsen Joshi
  74. Bina Devi
  75. Bela Sanwar
  76. Braj Bhushan Kabra
  77. Buddhaditya Mukherjee
  78. Bahadur Khan
  79. Bhupinder
  80. Ustad Barkat Ali Khan
  81. Binapani Mukherjee
  82. Bhaarat Kumar Pathak
  83. Chandramohan
  84. Chimanlal
  85. Pandit Chand Narayan
  86. C Ramchandra
  87. Pandit R C Vyas
  88. C H Atma
  89. Chand Kumari
  90. Miss Chanda
  91. Chhammi Begum
  92. C Rajagopalachari
  93. Chand Ram
  94. Chandru Atma
  95. Chita Dutt
  96. Chhaya Ganguli
  97. Master Chandramohan
  98. Chitti Babu
  99. Dilip Kumar Roy
  100. Master Dinanath Mangeshkar
  101. Kumari Dhannbaaz
  102. Pandit Dinkar
  103. Dilruba Begum
  104. Dilraj Kaur
  105. D V Paluskar
  106. Danny Denzogpa
  107. M L Vasantkumari
  108. Ustad Fayyaz Ahmed Khan
  109. Master Feroze Dastur
  110. Feroza Begum
  111. Faqir Alam Iqbal
  112. Prof Inayat Khan
  113. Master Fakhruddin
  114. Fida Hussain
  115. Foolaji Bua
  116. Imam Baqsh Qawwal
  117. Ismail Azad
  118. Indrabai Wadkar
  119. Ira Majumdar
  120. Ila Ghosh
  121. Indubala
  122. Ghulam Ali
  123. Ghanshyam Vaswani
  124. Miss Gul Bano
  125. Miss Gauhar Jan
  126. G N Joshi
  127. Gangubai Hangal
  128. Geeta Dutt
  129. G M Durrani
  130. Gauri Dasgupta
  131. Pandit Goswami Narayan
  132. Gauri Kedar
  133. Ustad Ghulam Ali Khan
  134. Gayatri Bose
  135. Miss Gohar Bijapur
  136. Ghanshyam Jain
  137. Gajanand Karnatak
  138. Ghulam Mustafa
  139. Prof Gobind Gopal Mukhopadhyay
  140. Ghulam Qadir
  141. Ganga Prasad
  142. Girja Devi
  143. Ustad Ghulam Hussain Khan
  144. Hyderi Jan
  145. Husn Bano
  146. Miss Harimati
  147. Hyder Shah Party
  148. Hirabai Barodkar
  149. Habib Painter
  150. Hemant Kumar
  151. Hirendranath Chattopadhyay
  152. Habib Ali Mohammad
  153. Habib Qawwal
  154. Hafiz Khan
  155. Hussain Bhai
  156. Hirabai Jawra
  157. Hariom Sharan
  158. Hemlata
  159. Hamid Parwana Qawwal
  160. Ustad Hussain Baksh
  161. Hanuman Prasad
  162. Hiradevi Mishra
  163. Jagmohan
  164. Jaddanbai
  165. Jaani Babu Qawwal
  166. J L Ranade
  167. Miss Jharna Devi
  168. Janki Bai
  169. Mrs Jyotsna Mehta
  170. Jamilabai Allahabad
  171. Mr Jaishankar Jodhpur
  172. Jaiprakash Ghosh
  173. Jagjit Kaur
  174. Jamal Urthav
  175. Jamila Begum Delhi
  176. Juthika Roy
  177. Jaya Bose
  178. Gyan Prakash Bose
  179. Khan Saheb Abdul Karim Khan
  180. Kalandar Azad
  181. Kumar Gandharv
  182. Khan Saheb Naseer Moinuddin Dagar
  183. Kusum
  184. Karimdad Khan
  185. Khatoon Khan
  186. Kamlesh Lata
  187. Ustaad Karamaat Ulla
  188. Kesar Azad Badayuni
  189. Kamla Jharia
  190. Kesarbai Kerkar
  191. K L Agnihotri
  192. Master Krishna Rao
  193. K C Dey
  194. Krishna Shinde
  195. Kaushalya Devi
  196. Kamal Barot
  197. Kamal Sagekar
  198. Kallan Meerut
  199. Kallu Qawwal
  200. Miss Kalyani
  201. Kundanlal Saigal
  202. Kanan Devi
  203. Kanika Banerjee
  204. Kamini Devi
  205. Kisanlal Hyderabad
  206. Kamal Roy
  207. Mr Karan Shashi
  208. Kebla
  209. Kishore Kumar
  210. Kishori Amonkar
  211. Khalid
  212. Krishna Devi
  213. Kanijbai Allahabad
  214. Meena Kumari
  215. M S Subbulakshmi
  216. Mubarak Begum
  217. Manisha Geer
  218. Mohammad Yakub
  219. Mohammad Rasheed Khan
  220. Mohammad Sameed Khan
  221. Munavvar Masoom Qawwal Bhopal
  222. Minoo Purushottam
  223. Maqbool Ahmed Sabri
  224. Mohd Aslam Sabri
  225. Mehdi Hassan
  226. Mahendra Pal
  227. Meena Kapoor
  228. Master Mukund
  229. Master Mumtaz
  230. Miss Mehboob Jan Sholapur
  231. Mathura Benakhre
  232. Mukul Roy
  233. Malka Jan
  234. Master Madan
  235. Mehmood Hyderabad
  236. Moju Qawwal
  237. Mohammad Hussain
  238. Manikumar Desai
  239. Moinuddin Ahmed
  240. Miss Mala
  241. Mirajuddin
  242. Mugabai
  243. Muzaffar Khan
  244. Mahesh Kumar
  245. Lakshmibai Baroda
  246. Pandit Lakshman Sharma
  247. Master Lachchiram
  248. Lalita Devi
  249. Shrimati Leela Qawwal Allahabad
  250. Prof Lakshman Rao Chavan
  251. Lalu Bhai
  252. Lata Mangeshkar
  253. Lalita Chatterjee
  254. Lakshmi Shankar
  255. Ladli Devi
  256. Master Lalit
  257. Lalir Gulbar
  258. Ustad Lataful Hussain
  259. Pt Mallikarjun Mansur
  260. Madhurani
  261. Manhar
  262. M A Rauf
  263. Mohd Khan
  264. M D Ramanathan
  265. Mohinder Jeet Singh
  266. Mulibai Ketkiwali
  267. Mahendra Chopra
  268. Malini Rajurkar
  269. Munavvar Ali Khan
  270. Munavvar Sultana
  271. Mohd Rafi
  272. Manna Dey
  273. Mukesh
  274. Manohar Kadam
  275. Kumari Meera Chatterjee
  276. Nisaar Hussain Baroda
  277. Master Nawal Jhalawad
  278. Naseem Akhtar
  279. Prof Narayan Rao Vyas
  280. Neera Bose
  281. Nazar Hussain
  282. Nirmala Devi
  283. Nizakar Ali
  284. Salamat Ali
  285. Nabijam
  286. Naseem Babu
  287. Nazeer Ahmed Qawwal
  288. Nanhi Chaand Agra
  289. Pandit Natthu Lal
  290. N L Puri
  291. Nargis
  292. Niranjana Devi
  293. Navovaksh
  294. Noorjehan
  295. Nayaab Hussain
  296. Nagina Jan
  297. Noorjehan Begum Jaipur
  298. Narendra Chanchal
  299. Naseem
  300. Naseem Bano Chopra
  301. Nikhil Chatterjee
  302. Natthu Singh Tomar
  303. Nazia Hassan
  304. Om Vyas
  305. Onkar Nath Thakur
  306. Miss Patwardhan
  307. Peer Saheb
  308. Pyaru Qawwal
  309. Purushottam Das Jalota
  310. Pankaj Mishra
  311. Miss Panna Muzaffarpur
  312. Pandit Ganpat Rao Joshi
  313. Panna Lal Ghosh
  314. Mr Panchubala
  315. Prem Ram
  316. Miss Putli
  317. Piyari Jan
  318. Prabhat Mukherjee
  319. Pratosh Sale
  320. Pratibha Banerjee
  321. Pushpa Hans
  322. Pratima Banerjee
  323. Pushpa Pagdhare
  324. Parveen Sultana
  325. Prahlad Shinde
  326. Parveen Saba
  327. Preeti Sagar
  328. Panati Devi
  329. Pandit Jasraj
  330. Prabha Attre
  331. Pankaj Udhas
  332. Pankaj Mullick
  333. Prabha Bharti
  334. Parvez Mehndi
  335. Pandit Ravi Shankar
  336. Rajkumari
  337. Roshanara Begum
  338. Radhabai Surat
  339. R N Sharma
  340. Ramesh Gupta
  341. Ram Nath
  342. Miss Badro
  343. Razia Begum
  344. Mr Rasheed
  345. Prof Rehmat Khan
  346. Pandit Ran Piya
  347. Prof Ramanand Sharma
  348. R Premlata
  349. Radharani
  350. Miss Rekhabai Sagaur
  351. Rafeeqa Begum Jaipur
  352. Rasoolan Bai Benares
  353. Pandit Radheshyam
  354. Riya Saheb
  355. Roopkumari
  356. Rekha Malik
  357. Rampyari
  358. Radhika Mohan Mishra
  359. Ram Marathe
  360. Ramkrishna Bua
  361. Roshan Ali Hyderabad
  362. Razia Jan
  363. Rani
  364. Rooplata
  365. Pandita Radhelal
  366. Rasheed
  367. Rasheed Chaand Qawwal
  368. Master Rahat
  369. Khan Saheb Rahimuddin Daaga
  370. Rasoolan Bai Benares
  371. Runa Laila
  372. Rasheeda Khatoon
  373. Renu and Vijaya Chaudhary
  374. Sthunath Seth
  375. Rajab Ali Khan Dewas
  376. Reshma
  377. Rasheed Heera Qawwal
  378. Rajkumari Rizwi
  379. Indrani Rizwi
  380. Renuka
  381. Reeta Ganguli
  382. Rajendra Mehta
  383. Neena Mehta
  384. Pandit Rasik Lal
  385. Shankar Dasgupta
  386. Savita
  387. T Suryakumari
  388. Suchitra Mitra
  389. Shamshad Begum
  390. Sundarabai
  391. Sandhya Rani
  392. Sitara Begum
  393. Sunil Kumar
  394. Shahzaan Bai
  395. Ku Sheela Sarwar
  396. Seeta Devi
  397. Shakuntalabai Yalgikar
  398. S L Puri
  399. Sumati
  400. Shankarabai
  401. Baby Suraiyya
  402. Shiv-Hari
  403. Shivnath Andpaate
  404. Miss Sitara
  405. Master Sadashiv
  406. Shailesh Kumar
  407. Sheikh Qawwal
  408. Surendra
  409. Shanta Apte
  410. S Balbir
  411. Sachin Dev Burman
  412. Snehprabha Pradhan
  413. Shankarrao Gaikwad
  414. Sawai Gandharv
  415. S B John
  416. Sufi Qawwal
  417. Shankar Shambhu
  418. Sohrab G
  419. Pandit Samta Prasad
  420. Shobha Gurtu
  421. Suman Kalyanpur
  422. Sumitra Lahiri
  423. Sharda
  424. Salim Chisti
  425. Shameem Babu
  426. Sageer Bharti
  427. Sudhir Phadke
  428. Sushil Kumar
  429. Suresh Wadkar
  430. Ramababu
  431. Salma Agha
  432. Shailendra Singh
  433. Shankuntala Srivastava
  434. Shipra Bose
  435. Sharda Sinha
  436. Shyamal Mitra
  437. Sadat Ashraf
  438. Shabbir Kumar
  439. Sulakshana Pandit
  440. Shashi Vishwamohan Bhatt
  441. Shameem Ahmed
  442. Sunanda Patnayak
  443. Sonali Jalota
  444. Sheikha Qawwal
  445. Shiv Prasad
  446. Shanta Mukherjee
  447. Miss Shanti Hiranand
  448. Miss Sushilarani Patel
  449. Miss Sushila Tambe
  450. Sudha Banerjee
  451. Sudha Malhotra
  452. Sudhira Kamal
  453. Shankar Rao Vyas
  454. Shankar Rao Khatu
  455. Shiv Dayal Batish
  456. Satya Chaudhary
  457. Miss Sultana
  458. Subhan Jaunpuri
  459. Shyam Kumar
  460. S Kumar
  461. Ku Sheela Bose
  462. Shami Bai
  463. Sheela Sarkar
  464. Talat Mahmood
  465. Shakeela Bano Punarwa
  466. Shakeela Bano Bhopal
  467. Satinath
  468. Shabbir Hassan
  469. Shyamlal
  470. Master Soman
  471. Sikandar Qawwal
  472. Talim Hussain
  473. Tabbassum Bano
  474. Tridiv Au Reva
  475. Tejpal Singh
  476. Surendra Singh
  477. Surinder Kaur
  478. Talat Aziz
  479. Udit Narayan
  480. Umrazia Begum
  481. Shrimati Usharani
  482. Usha Khanna
  483. Usha Mangeshkar
  484. Uma Devi
  485. Usha Timothy
  486. Yusuf Azad
  487. Chhota Yusuf
  488. Ustad Faiyyaz Ahmed Khan
  489. Usha Seth
  490. Vidyanath Seth
  491. Ustad Vilayat Hussain
  492. Vishwadev Chatterjee
  493. Vasanti
  494. Vishnupant Pagnis
  495. Master Vasant Suraj
  496. Vijay Kumar
  497. Master Vasant Amrit
  498. Vani Jairam
  499. V C Jog
  500. Vishni Malhotra
  501. Vandana Vajpayee
  502. Mrs Vishnilal

Note: This list is incomplete as the museum has records of many other artists. There is a chance of unintentional mistakes in some names for which we are apologetic.



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