Mahendra Kapoor's First Film Song

Written by shishir krishna sharma
Author: Shishir Krishna Sharma (with some inputs from Hildebrand)
Many people are under the misconception, that 'chand chhupa aur taare doobe' (sohni mahiwal /1958 / naushad) is Mahendra Kapoor's First song.
fact is, prior to this he had recorded  'adha hai chandrama' (Navrang - Released later / 1959 / CR)
But He recorded these songs after winning 'all india metro murphy singing comptn in 1957.
He had infact recorded some other songs also before participating in the competition.
His first recorded song had been way back in 1953 for composer V. Balsara for the movie Madmast. He had sung two songs for this movie. His first recording for this movie was "Kisi Ke Zulm Ki Tasveer Hai Mazdoor Ki Basti", a duet with Dhan Indorewaala (who had later got married to V. Balsara). His other song in the movie was a qawwali with S.D. Batish, "Unhen Dekhen To Weh Munh Pher ... Humen Aankhen Dikhaate Hain".
He sang his first solo, "Kisko Daani Kahen ... Tere Dar Ki Bhikmangi Hai Daata Duniya Saari" for Snehal Bhatkar's Diwali Ki Raat in 1956.
The next song which he had sung was a Heer for the punjabi movie, Heer which had music by Anil Biswas.
It was after this that he participated in the competition.
This was told by Mahendra Kapoor ji himself when I interviewed him for the column 'kya bhooloon kya yaad karoon' (sahara samay).
In addition to the above songs, He is also known to have recorded the following before participating in the competition:-
1. A few lines for the song "Ek Taraf Joru Ne Hai Nikaala" for composer Bulo C Rani in the movie Madhur Milan(1955). This song had been sung by Mohd Rafi, Geeta Dutt and A.R. Ojha and penned by Raja Mehdi Ali Khan.
2. A duet with Sabita Banerjee for composer Shanmukh Babu, "Oh Bedardi Jaane Ke Na kar Bahaane" for the movie Lalkaar(1956)

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