Indo-Pak Bhaichara in 1951

Written by hildebrand
S.D. Burman gave lots of lovely music during his long and illustrious career. He was probably the only composer who saw professional success throughout.
He had a wonderful musical partnership with Geeta ji starting with Do Bhai in 1947. During 1951, he had a very lovely song sung by her in the movie Ek Nazar. The song, Bas Chupke Hi Chupke Se Pyar Ho Gaya was picturised on the lovely Kuldip Kaur and was probably one of his first cabaret songs. The tune was quite soulful and sung wonderfully by Geeta ji.
The song is an absolute delight and a must-listen for any fan of the Geeta-SDB combination.
This song owed an inspiration to a song from the Pakistan made Punjabi movie Pheray. Pheray was the first punjabi movie to be made and released in Pakistan. It had a superhit song in the lovely voice of the legendary Munavvar Sultana, Mainu Rab Di Saun Tere Naal Pyaar Ho Gaya. S.D. Burman took the tune and created another gem from it. The basic tune is same and the lyrics are a bit inspired too.Its probably the first example of cross-border inspiration in the Indian sub-continent!
The lovely Munavvar Sultana song is a treat to listen to. Hope you enjoy listening to both the songs.

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